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No Rust Caster

Welcome to Highbraw International.Inc

We have the best caster wheels for food related industry and medical industry.

We are a manufacturer for special innovative casters for use in the food industry. These casters are catered for the sea food industry and designed to lasts approximately 20 years. We mainly export to worldwide(mainly to USA and Canade, Japan) and sell domestically in Korea. Our products dominate the market for school cafeterias.

We have a market share of more than 85% at schools and restaurant in S. Korea.

Our casters are specially made with materials that do not rust. They are double sealed in all bearing areas. We use Aluminum SUS-304, Nylon W-6, and Advanced Elastomer Systems with Static electricity systems. Our casters generate much less noise, rust proof, very durable inside freezers, and very durable in general. Even stainless steel casters can rust but our Hwasung Casters do not rust. They are very durable inside a freezer and also durable around environments where salt water are present. Furthermore, no need any maintenance.

Our rust proof casters hold worldwide patents. Tested at a temperature of 212F high and -35F low, our casters have a wide range of temperature tolerance. Our casters are also physically tough, it can withstand a jolt of a hammer. Our products have been certified with NSF mark.

This is the best product for food processing factories especially those related to sea foods, fish markets, restaurants, and kitchen related equipment manufacturers that use a lot of water. In general, seafood processing factories replace their cart caster every 2-6 months due to rust and corrosion. Even though they use aluminum casters, their equipment still corrode over time.

Most casters will not work properly when used inside a freezer, however our caster work well under these extreme conditions. If you consider the time and expense needed to replace your casters every 2-6 months, using our reliable casters will give you the peace of mind through cost savings and lower maintenance.

Try our casters without hesitation. We also make reliable Medical casters that boast a world- wide patent.

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